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The study of humans and their behaviour has always been fascinating. Sometimes it is more art than science, sometimes it is more science than art. There are numerous disciplines to learn and understand people, and one of them is psychology. Psychologists study brain functions, emotions, cognition, and the development of relationships between people. Psychology also involves the study of normal and abnormal behaviour among individuals, and can include the analysis of intelligence and personality.

When it comes to understanding people and their behaviours, People Psyence ® believes in applying science to bring more objectivity to subjects that are perceived to be abstract. The Psyence® of People is never dull or stagnant but ever changing and always relevant.

Our team of People Psyentists ® are well-qualified and experienced in the fields of psychometrics and assessments. In our effort to provide more integrated solutions beyond psychometric instruments, we have strong collaborations with reputable market leaders in the area of human capital consultancy.

In psychology, we find the field of psychometrics where scientific methods and quantitative measures are used to better analyse and understand the psychological variables of a person, such as personality, aptitude, intelligence and emotions.

Our Tools

Personality & Behaviour Assessments

Every individual has unique personality or behavioural traits. There is no right or wrong to these traits. However, behaviours can be deemed as effective and appropriate or not depending on a specific situation. Adopting personality

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Aptitude/Cognitive Ability Tests

Aptitude assessments, or sometimes known as ability tests, are consistently found to be the best predictors of individual's workplace performance and effectiveness. Employing the valid and right aptitude assessments applicable

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Competency-Based Assessments

What is VirtualAC™? Simulates an online desktop environment, where Participants are presented with a variety of information and business issues Enables you to administer and assess highly immersive and interactive

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Skills Assessments

Skills - Assessment Offerings Ready to Use Skills Tests: Over 1,000 skills/knowledge tests are available in the IBM Kenexa library. These tests are content validated to measure specific skills or knowledge in a given

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Job Profiler / Analysis

A comprehensive set of procedures is essential in understanding and identifying the content of a job, including job role, activities involved, individual attributes (e.g., knowledge, skills, abilities and others) and job

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360 Degree Feedback Questionnaire

360 degree feedback, also known as multi-rater feedback, is anonymous feedback that received from key stakeholders of an employee on the work performance. Most often, the sources of 360 degree feedback come

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Situational Judgement Test

The Situational Judgement Test (SJT) has led to a revolution in the assessment sphere, gaining popularity as an assessment method in the late 1990s. A large number of organisations have adopted the SJT to assess candidates'

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Language Proficiency Tests

Language ability assessments serve as a baseline measurement of an individual's language proficiency and performance. These assessments are particularly useful screening tool in hiring individuals who are required to understand and use

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