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5-Star Customer Service Excellence

Objective /Benefits


If Jackie and Angelina Jolie walked into your workplace today, how would you behave? If you are like most people, you would drop whatever you were doing and approach them, smiling, ready and eager to serve them. If Maya Karin walked into your boutique, you would immediately show her the best and finest available in your shop. If Anuar Zain was on the phone asking questions, you would do whatever you him his answers.
What about the rest of your customers? Perhaps you may treat them exactly the same way. Or perhaps, that would not happen. In general, customer service has become an over-used corporate jargon and rarely lived up to.
This intensive, hands-on, activity driven program teaches skills that focus on providing service excellence at all touch points with any customers. It helps sharpen the skills of even experienced customer service representatives, empowering you to take advantage of every service opportunity and aggressively expand your business professionally. By providing you with a rigorous training environment, your active participation in our program will enable you to apply and sustain your learning to a point of forming winning habits. You will have the ability to create the greatest positive impact at every given opportunity when facing your customers every time. 
5-Star Customer Service Excellence focuses on the following areas:
•    Active listening
•    Communication
•    Contribution
•    Discovery
•    Relationship building


After completing the training, you should be able to:
•    Create a new relationship with time and results
•    Have an in-depth understanding of your customers
•    Use various customer service strategies to develop winning solutions for your customers
•    Deliver a service experience that leaves a positive, lasting impression on the customer’s mind
•    Develop strategies for dealing with difficult customers


To change your direction, shift your thinking.
ago you learnt to ride a bicycle, it’s likely an experience you’ve never forgotten. The skill remains with you today. When was your last corporate training program? How much of what was learnt in your business today? Are all that remains the workshop manuals left on your shelf? 
Our programs are initiatives that last. They encourage new ways of thinking. They open up ways to create extraordinary achievements. We believe individual behavior and attitude contribute significantly to the overall excellence of your organization. So we focus on what really matters.
Our unique methodology of combining experiential, instructional and discovery learning, and supported by modern coaching technology, creates powerful shifts in attitudes and behavior that will encourage sustainable change in your organization. These changes make an impact on results where it matters.
In our programs, you can expect an extensive use of case studies, debriefing, dyads, facilitated coaching, feedback, games and activities, group discussions, lectures, , simulations, and structured instruments. 



Program Outline


Our program outline encompasses the following modules:

Day 1:
Module 1: Overview
•    Context setting
•    Customer relationship and you
•    What customers need
•    The value of customer retention
•    Relationship marketing basics

Module 2: Interpersonal Communication
•    Building credibility
•    The 4 Communication Quadrants
•    Identifying your personal style of communicating
•    Developing your style towards
•    Shifting into positive action

Module 3: Key Pillars In Communication
•    Active listening
•    The 5 techniques in active listening
•    Discovery
•    The 5 types of questioning
•    The 3 techniques in

Module 4: The 5 Star Customer Service Cycle
•    The most beautiful word in any language
•    The SMILES process
•    Getting things done the customer’s way
•    The elephant in
•    Promising promises

Day 2:
Module 5: Setting The Stage 
•    Creating positive first impressions
•    Making a good start
•    Building rapport
•    Focusing on the positive
•    Making small talk

Module 6: Dealing With Difficult Customers
•    Type of difficult customers and how to handle them
•    The LIAR Model
•    Saying the right things
•    Finding the best moment
•    Dealing with emotions

Module 7: Handling Customer Complaints
•    Why customers complain
•    Types of complaints
•    How to handle customer complaints using EASE
•    Customer complaining channels
•    Procedures handling customer complaints
•    How to turn customer complaints into your competitive advantage

Module 8: Coaching Wisdom
•    Scarcity abundance
•    4 levels of relationship experience
•    The WOW factor
•    Creating a relationship commitment contract
•    Coaching performance