English Language Skills Development Program (Basic/ intermediate Level)

English Language Skills Development Program (Basic/ intermediate Level)

Objective /Benefits


English is the language of business, the language of technology and the arts. It is the most popular international medium of communication. In this age of globalization, it is therefore exceedingly important that organizations nurture their human capital to be able to communicate well in the English language in order for the organization to succeed.
Most of us would have had at least 11 years of education in the English language by the time we finish secondary level education, and yet there are many who are unable to communicate in that language. The aim of this English Language course is not to drum-in English grammar (as done in our schooling days) but rather to focus on workplace situations and useful expressions and phrases to help participants build their confidence to communicate in English. Although the main focus shall be conversational English, some written English exercises shall also be provided to help participants cope with simple note taking and emailing.


Participants should be able to:
1.    Communicate effectively in English at the basic face-to-face or on the phone or internet.
2.    Be able to take simple messages over the phone
3.    Be able to explain about the company and products professionally in English
4.    Communicate and build rapport with colleagues, customers and vendors in English
5.    Handle difficult situations in English
6.    Demonstrate the 7 Basic Communication skills ( Connecting, Encouraging, Questioning, Listening, Empathizing, Confirming and Providing) essential for Excellent Customer Service, in English.


Program Outline


For best results the ideal number of participants should not exceed 20 in any one class. the client insists, the numbers can be increased to 25 but at the expense of quality and reduced opportunities for participation in class. This course will focus on English Language functions necessary for the Customer Service oriented company.  
Each class/session will last 2 hours. The classes will be highly interactive. There will also be a reading and comprehension as well as listening and quiz segments in each session. 
A typical class format is as follows:
1.    Introduction to new Chapter or Review of Previous Class Dictation and Quiz)
2.    Introduction of useful words and phrases in various workplace settings
3.    Grammar reinforcement
4.    Pairing exercises/Drills /Role Plays/Video learning
5.    Reading and comprehension
6.    Homework 


1.    Placement/Diagnostic Test (Written & Listening)
2.    Introductions (Self and Company)
3.    Making Small Talk to build rapport with collegues, customers and vendors
4.    Communicating in English in various workplace settings (Face-to-face, over the phone and emails)
5.    Practice in The 7 Communication Skills for Excellent Customer Service 
6.    Note-taking, Reading and Comprehension, Essential Vocabulary and useful phrases drill