Making Meetings Work: How to Plan, Conduct and Manage Meetings

Making Meetings Work: How to Plan, Conduct and Manage Meetings

Objective /Benefits


This workshop will provide:
.    A grounding in the fundamental requirements for all meetings;
.    Details on agenda, preparation, and conduct of meetings; and 
    Some tools and techniques to help you make your meetings productive.
There will be activities in as many areas as possible, to give you some practice and help you remember.  Note that although the course is targeted at business meetings, much of the information is valid for other types of meeting also (social clubs, community groups etc.


•    Understand the basic requirements for any meeting – agenda, invitations, roles, minutes etc.
•     the tips and techniques provided here to determine an appropriate approach to use for your business meetings in different situations.
•    Understand how technology can help your meetings.
•    List the logistical items that you may need to address for your meeting.
•    Understand the need for following up after a meeting to ensure action.
•    Understand how to continually improve your meetings.


Lecture, Individual & Group Activity, Feedback Sessions, Discussions, Demonstration, Business Games, Role Plays, Videos


Program Outline


Day 1
Module 1: Meeting Basics
•    What do I need for my meeting? 
•    What do I need for my meeting? Activity)

Module 2: The Agenda
•    Agenda Structure 
•    Choosing an Agenda Format 
•    Choosing an Agenda Format (Activity)

Module 3: Preparation, Pre-Reading
•    What preparation might participants need?
•    What preparation might participants need? Activity)
•    How can the the participants’ preparation?

Module 4: Using Technology
•    What Technology do I need? 
•    What Technology do I need? Activity)
•    Managing the technology 

Module 5: Logistics
•    Logistical Needs? 
•    Logistical Needs? Activity)

Module 6: Regular Meetings
•    Formal meeting needs
•    Formal meeting needs (Activity)
•    Regular informal meetings

Day 2
Module 7: Larger Meetings/Events
•    Additional requirements for larger meetings? 
•    Additional requirements for larger meetings? Activity)

Module 8: Conducting an Effective Meeting
•    Running the Meeting 
•    Running the Meeting (Activity)

Module 9: Role Play
•    Role Play 
•    Role Play (Activity)

Module 10: Minutes and Follow Ups
•    Format and taking of Minutes
•    Format and taking of Minutes (Activity)

Module 11: Improving your Meetings
•    What can be improved?  
•    What can be improved? Activity)

Module 12: Additional Considerations
•    Do you need to have a meeting? 
•    Pre-warning 
•    Games 
•    Incentives/prizes
•    Wrap Up