Managing Anger and Stress to Stay Focused At Workplace

Managing Anger and Stress to Stay Focused At Workplace

Objective /Benefits


We have all experienced stress and anger at some point during our day to day life. It can be brought on by a myriad of reasons whether it is in the workplace or in our personal life. In the workplace employees at all levels can feel stressed out, anxious, and misunderstood. In our personal life the stresses can be even greater due to finances, family and responsibility. Anger is a powerful emotion. If not managed appropriately it may have destructive results for you, your colleges and your loved ones costing people their jobs, personal relationships, and even their lives when it gets out of hand. Uncontrolled anger can lead to arguments, physical fights, physical abuse, assault and self-harm. 
This workshop will concentrate on how you deal with stress and anger, after all it is a personal emotion.


•    Identify the best approach to a stressful situation (Alter, Avoid, or Accept).
•    Understand what lifestyle elements you can change to reduce stress.
•    How to use environmental and physical relaxation techniques. 
•    Understand anger dynamics. 
•    Understand the myths of anger. 
•    Know techniques in controlling anger. 
•    See differences between objective and subjective language.
•    Know tips in identifying the problem.
•    Express a feeling or position using I-messages.
•    How to making a disagreement constructive. 
•    Understand hot buttons and personal anger dynamics.
•    Understand the alter, avoid and accept response to anger.


Lecture, Individual & Group Activity, Feedback Sessions, Discussions, Demonstration, Business Games, Role Plays, Videos


Program Outline


Day 1
Module 1: Understanding Stress 
•    What is Stress? (Exercise) 
•    What is Stress? 
•    What is Eustress? (Exercise) 
•    What is Eustress? 
•    Adjust, Avoid, Accept (Exercise) 
•    Adjust, Avoid, Accept

Module 2: Adjust, Avoid, Accept
•    Actions for Adjusting (Exercise) 
•    Actions for Adjusting
•    Actions for Avoiding (Exercise) 
•    Actions for Avoiding
•    Actions for Accepting (Exercise) 
•    Actions for Accepting

Module 3: It’s All About You
•    Eating Properly (Exercise) 
•    Eating Properly 
•    Exercising (Exercise) 
•    Exercising 
•    A Good Night’s Sleep (Exercise) 
•    A Good Night’s Sleep

Module 4: Environmental Relaxation Techniques
•    Escapism (Exercise) 
•    Escapism 
•    Music (Exercise) 
•    Music 
•    Laughing in the Face of Stress (Exercise) 
•    Laughing in the Face of Stress

Module 5: Techniques to Relax Your Body
•    Stretch Away Stress (Exercise) 
•    Stretch Away Stress 
•    Breathing (Exercise) 
•    Breathing 
•    Meditation (Exercise) 
•    Meditation

Day 2
Module 6: The Nature of Anger
•    The Pentagon of Anger (Exercise) 
•    The Pentagon of Anger 
•    Fight or Flight (Exercise) 
•    Fight or Flight 
•    Myths about Anger (Exercise) 
•    Myths about Anger

Module 7: Controlling Anger
•    The Warning Signs (Exercise) 
•    The Warning Signs 
•    Coping Thoughts (Exercise) 
•    Coping Thoughts 
•    Using Relaxation Techniques (Exercise) 
•    Using Relaxation Techniques 
•    The Need to Vent (Exercise) 
•    The Need to Vent

Module 8: Separate the People from the Problem
•    Objective or Subjective Language (Exercise) 
•    Objective or Subjective Language 
•    Identifying the Problem (Exercise) 
•    Identifying the Problem 
•    Using “I” Messages (Exercise) 
•    Using “I” Messages  

Module 9: Working the Problem Together
•    The Art of Disagreement (Exercise) 
•    The Art of Disagreement 
•    10 Negotiation Tips (Exercise) 
•    10 Negotiation Tips 
•    Building Consensus (Exercise) 
•    Building Consensus 
•    Brainstorming Basics (Exercise) 
•    Brainstorming Rules (Key to Success)

Module 10: Solving the Problem Together
•    Choosing the Best Solution (Exercise) 
•    Choosing the Best Solution 
•    Implementing, Evaluating, and Adapting (Exercise)
•    Implementing, Evaluating, and Adapting

Module 11: Dealing with Your Anger
•    What are Hot Buttons (Exercise) 
•    What are Hot Buttons 
•    Identifying Your Hot Buttons (Exercise) 
•    Identifying Your Hot Buttons
•    Alter (Exercise) 
•    Alter 
•    Avoid (Exercise) 
•    Avoid 
•    Accept (Exercise) 
•    Accept
•    Wrap Up 



Mr Vigneswaran Applasamy has been involved in lecturing, research, management, sales and training for more than 14 years in the field of Electrical Engineering, Manufacturing sector, Higher Education, Sales and Marketing.
Vigneswaran holds a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and is a registered member of Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM), Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), UK, Technological Association of Malaysia (TAM) and Green Productivity Association of Malaysia (GPAM).
His professional career begun in Singapore as a Sales Engineer and later ventured into the Higher Education sector in Malaysia. He has served as a Vice Principal of a college and moved on to lecture and undertake research in a leading private University where he was noted for his publications in the International IEEE Conferences of Power & Energy and Business, Engineering & Industrial Applications. His articles since have been cited 9 times by other international authors in their respective publications. This was also the period where he ventured into corporate training as an Associate Trainer for Topesh Consultancy and Training Services PLT beginning 2011. He has since worked with a few other training providers.
He has used his industrial and training expertise to develop soft skills programmes with a 20/80 approach; 20% lecture, 80% practical accompanied by a training manual individually customized for each programme. Each sub-section of a programme is incorporated with as many exercises or activity to enhance the practical understanding of participants.
He has since developed over 30 training programmes in the area of Soft-Skills. He’s participants include those from Galeri Petronas, Bursa Malaysia, Honda Malaysia, UMW Holdings Bhd, Tan Chong Motors Holdings Berhad, Perodua Sdn Bhd, RHB Bank Berhad, Maybank Berhad, Maxis Customer Service Sdn Bhd, Marrybrown Sdn Bhd, IFCA MSC Berhad, Pos Malaysia Berhad, Watsons Malaysia, UEM Group Berhad, UEM Sunrise Berhad to name a few.
His pragmatic approach have been well received by various segments of people, owing to his wide exposure to various industries over the years. He is well known for his highly charged, energetic yet humorous training sessions where he never fails to continuously engage with participants throughout.